Chasing Reality in a Dreamer Culture

We live in a culture of dreamers - I am one and I would venture to guess you are one too. We spend time on Pinterest browsing ideas for our dream house, dream wedding, and dream life. We watch documentaries about cool places to travel that inspire wanderlust. 

It is healthy to dream big and strive towards new and exciting opportunities. I am all about living into the dreamer mindset of this generation, but I think we can get swept off our feet a bit too easily. We forget to live into our daily reality and seek out everyday moments when our dreams and aspirations for life are so high. 

A few nights ago Jacob and I were driving back home from a mini road trip talking about life, listening to music, and sharing some difficult moments. It was in the midst of some angry tears and silences that I looked ahead and sat in awe of the sunset we were driving into. Suddenly the problems and fears that filled our lime green Fiesta and seemed so big and unreachable, became proportional to the vastness of this Minnesota sunset. 

By some odd conviction I decided to pull the car over on the side of a busy freeway, totally dangerous and I am not endorsing this on a regular basis, and capture the sunset. In the thick of a vulnerable, everyday moment, God revealed reality to me. 

I love looking at photos of gorgeous sunsets and wishing I was there to experience them. But how often do I actually pull over to capture one for myself and be present with the moment? Sometimes we live so much for our dreams that beauty and freshness right in front of us is overlooked. I encourage you to still dream big dreams and aspire to the best of the best, but do not lose track of chasing and capturing real moments day in and day out. 

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