Dreaming Alongside Contentment

The art of being content is a concept tossed around in the Christian world. The idea of striving to be content in all seasons and living in the peace of the present is loved. Truth is, this is really hard to live into. We are taught from a young age to dream big dreams and look ahead to the future. In high school, kids prepare for college. In college, students study for a career. In the quote unquote real world, it is a promotion, new home, or maybe family that is always one step ahead.

Dreaming big of possibilities and pursuing passions is healthy. Abiding in Jesus and being content with the present season of life is also healthy. These two virtues, although practically seem contradicting, live best in harmony and on a tightrope walk of balance.

The idealist in me is screaming to go explore the world, seek new opportunities, and dream of things I never thought would be possible. Being content does not require giving up on these desires. It does however call for an abiding heart in Jesus and seeking him in all pursuits.

Never did we ever expect to live in small town Iowa for a few years, let alone five. We had dreams for bigger and better. God's whispering voice has taught our hearts to be steadfast and content in him alone. What we thought was bigger and better, God found right in front of us and told us to be content with this season of life. We still have the freedom and joy of living out our dreams and hopes for life, but walk alongside Jesus in true contentment for whatever is brought before us.

What does a content life look like for you?
How do you find a healthy balance of dreaming and contentment?

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