How to Stay Healthy During Flu Season

The flu has been running rampant this year with a lack of effectiveness in vaccines and the spreading of germs like wildfire. So far Jacob and I have both narrowly stayed away although coworkers and friends around us have unfortunately come down with it. We are not out of the woods yet but hope with some extra precaution we will stay healthy for the rest of flu season. These may seem like no brainer tips, but let's all work together to keep our communities healthy.

Vitamins, Vitamins, Vitamins
Eating vitamin rich foods and taking daily vitamin tablets helps your immune system stay strong. It is easy for me to crave rich comfort food in the thick of winter. Soups and carbs have their nutrients too but including fresh greens, bright berries, and nutrient packed fruits and veggies will keep your body refreshed. If you feel something coming on, hit the Vitamin C like crazy to boost your immunity.

Fresh Air
It can be hard to stay motivated to get outside during the cold winter months. Getting some fresh air, even if it is a few minutes a day, gives you the opportunity to break free of cabin fever. Fresh air is also good for the lungs and skin.

Water is my best friend. I have a huge Nalgene that goes everywhere with me. Besides helping skin stay moisturized, studies show that keeping hydrated and limiting liquids that dehydrate (soda, alcohol, certain juices) works against common colds and illnesses.

Stay Rested
When life gets busy and stress kicks in, it is natural to kick sleep to the side and go into energizer mode. I am someone who needs a consistent eight hours of sleep and suffers with much less. Listen to your body and rest when it is telling you to rest.

Hygiene as Priority
I am far from a germ person, but in attempts to stay healthy and away from sickness, we should all place hygiene as a priority. Many, many germs are spread through our mouths so even simple steps like flossing, using mouth wash, and brushing consistently will keep us away from the doctor. Washing dishes well, wiping counter tops, vacuuming away dust, and washing the bed sheets are also simple house chores that will keep germs away.

What tips do you have for staying healthy?
How do you stay away from the flu?

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