January 2015 Recap + February Goals

Jacob and I welcome February with open arms. January was an unexpectedly hard month in our lives and we finished amazed at how much can change in a matter of four weeks. We are ready for a new month and new opportunities.

We welcomed the New Year with a low key night at home as I was undergoing some concerning health problems. Of course me being the independent, get better yourself kind of woman, procrastinated going in for an entire week. Eventually I went in and was monitored for some flare ups in an preexisting heart condition. Praise the Lord for your prayers and God's healing hand, I am not out of the woods yet but day to day am feeling significantly better.

I did a lot of thinking, processing, and collaborating this month for According to Laura Jean. There are exciting things on the horizon and I have had discovered trends about myself when it comes to perfectionism and encouraging other bloggers. I have also stepped into a leadership position with the Peony Project as their prayer team leader. If you are seeking out a community of women passionate about blogging and Jesus, this is a space for you.

If you remember back to my January goals, I had high hopes of revamping sponsor opportunities on the According to Laura Jean team. Although I am not there yet, there have been some changes and additions that I am proud of and excited about. It is also worth celebrating that the entire sidebar is currently filled - yippee! In honor of this and loyal followers like you, the first ten people to use the code CELEBRATE gets 30% any ad space.

Near the end of the month we were surprised by a change in Jacob's career and grieved the lack of integrity in the corporate world. We found ourselves in a season of unknown and many unanswered questions. This news on top of my lingering heart problems gave us weary and anxious hearts. We have learned in just a few short days however how caring and supportive our community and God is as we have already had numerous opportunities and blessings come from times of hardship.

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Develop Policies This is something I have put off far to long and needs to get done in February, hence why I added it to this month's goals. Disclosure policies and terms of service are far above my head, but are vital for a growing and active blog with occasional sponsor and affiliate content.

Track Performance I've been all about tracking growth and progress of this blog and social media outlets for awhile now, but it is time to get serious about what all these numbers and stats mean. What resources are your favorite for understanding blog analytics?

Take a Creative Day My first two goals are very technical however I do not want to lose the fun and creativity of blogging. This month I have plans to take an entire day just for creative, free flowing brainstorming. Who knows where it will lead?

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