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Happy Valentine's weekend! I hope it is filled with celebration of love for life, friends, and family. Oh and if you are like me, then sneak some special Valentine's candies to fully enjoy for yourself! The According to Laura Jean Team is happy to share with you what their Valentine's favorites are when it comes to memories and plans.

Hannah of Just Bee Blog
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What is your favorite Valentine's Memory? My favorite Valentine's Day memory so far is the first Valentine's Day date I had with my now-husband Bjorn back when we were dating. I remember him picking me up at my college dorm, walking up the sidewalk looking so handsome that I got butterflies! He was holding a black stuffed bear for me which held special significance since my nickname for him is Bear!

What are your plans for this Valentine's Day? This year marks our first Valentine's as a married couple. My husband is in the Army Reserves and currently is at 2 weeks of training in a neighboring state. He has the weekend off so we just decided a couple days ago that instead of being apart for our first Valentine's Day, we could meet up halfway for a fancy dinner and a stay at a nice hotel! It will be such a special "1st Valentine's" memory!

Ashley of Forever Ashley
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What is your favorite Valentine's Memory? A favorite tradition of mine is making my husband breakfast-in-bed. He's almost always awake before me so he usually has coffee and a danish ready for me. I try to surprise him sometimes by waking up early and having coffee and breakfast ready for him. I've made egg white omelets and cheese danishes in the past but this year I'm hoping to make heart-shaped red velvet pancakes. I found the pancake recipe on Pinterest and I think he'd love it.

What are your plans for this Valentine's Day? Aside from making breakfast-in-bed for my husband I'm planning to have an indoor picnic and horror movie marathon. I really don't like going out on Valentine's Day because everywhere is so crowded. I'm planning to cook up some of our favorite "finger foods" and curl up to watch some scary movies. I know that scary movies don't really seem to mesh with Valentine's Day but they do for us because they are my husband's favorite and they give us an excuse to cuddle up together (for safety and reassurance).

Llinos of The Lilac Linnet
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What is your favorite Valentine's Memory? I used to live 200 miles away from my boyfriend, Oliver.  Our main methods of communication were e-mail, phone and text, so when I received a Valentine's card in the post, opening it felt like a sacred act.  To read his handwriting, and to see what card design he had chosen... those moments are precious memories.

What are your plans for this Valentine's Day? Thankfully we now live together and so we open our cards together!  We will have a quiet day of enjoying each other's company, a homecooked meal and maybe a movie. 

Summer of Coffee with Summer
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What is your favorite Valentine's Memory? I don't have any Valentine's Day traditions, but my fiancĂ© and I usually just wing whatever we do. It's fun that way!

What are your plans for this Valentine's Day? This year my fiancĂ© and I will be driving back from Rochester, NY after some more wedding planning, so the majority of the day will be spent in the car. Good thing I enjoy a good road trip!

Megan of The Artistic Brunette
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What is your favorite Valentine's Memory? With me, simple is always better. My favorite Valentine's memory is when I received a whole bag of my favorite chocolate. My favorite chocolate is Milka from Austria, so to get it in the US was pretty special.

What are your plans for this Valentine's Day? This Valentine's day, I am escaping society and taking a road trip. There are no romantic dinners or roses for this single girl, just me, my mom and my new car seeing the beautiful scenery of California. 

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