Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. The golden hour is the most beautiful hour in Iowa everyday. As spring slowly (very slowly) approaches, the days are getting longer and we can finally enjoy this hour in our personal time instead of being at work. We have made a habit of walking home everyday after work to savor it.

2. Megan and Chad are model material. It is an honor to help photograph their love and joy as they celebrate engagement. Plus anyone who can brave freezing cold weather in January and still look happy wins extra points in my book. Be on the lookout for more of their pretty faces on the blog this week.

3. We had great adventuring plans for Saturday and unfortunately had to cancel them because of the blizzard that trucked through our sleepy town. Instead we went to the grocery store, picked up a breakfast pizza, and lounged around. All in all it is what we needed even though it was not what we wanted. 

4. And about that blizzard, woah did it hit us hard. For a small, largely Christian town, having most churches cancelled is a big deal. We hid from the weather all day by playing boards games, trying new recipes, and watching the Super Bowl. Let's be honest though, with our week long countdown to Katy Perry, that is what we were most excited about.

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