Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. I am all about this tea in the winter. Jacob and I used to be obsessed with it in college and had forgotten about it the past year or so. After looking around Walmart for a good ten minutes we realized they redid their packaging. If you like sweet with a bit of spice, this tea is for you to help kick the winter blues.

2. Sometimes I have the urge to chase the sun as far as I can west to catch as much of the sunset as I can. Maybe it is just a Laura thing, but Friday after work made for a perfect little excursion to the rolling Iowa fields to soak in the view.

3. We had a fantastic Valentine's day filled with basketball games, coffee with friends, a dance show, and a late night dinner out. The charming small town restaurant we ate at has the most unique decorations.

4. Have you been participating in Oak + Oats #sundaypostchallenge? Sending and receiving snail mail is life giving to me and this is the perfect way to send some love to your friends and family around the country and world. Jump on board next week with us!

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How was your Valentine's Day?
What was the favorite part of your week?