Week's End Wrap-Up

1. All the vitamin C has been in my life this week. Fighting off a combination of a nasty cold and flu mix the week of a family wedding is not ideal. Grandmas seem to have all the answers through - have this liquid, try that food, rest now, sleep more.

2. Wednesday was Day of Learning in Community at Northwestern. It was a nice change of pace from everyday work to attend seminars and discussions reflecting art and appreciation. This gallery of prints caught my eye with the portrayal of wilderness and nature.

3. It's always a joy to check in with #fridayintroductions and make new friends. Sorry to all the selfie haters, haters gonna hate. This chunky sweater was on clearance and I scooped it up right away to help me survive the rest of winter.

4. The Gilleland wedding was a hit as we celebrated David and Ashley's marriage. My husband was a sexy best man and we danced the night away. Their venue was right out of a fairy tale with elegant woodwork, glowing candles, and a sweetheart table.

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What is something new you learned this week?
How are you ridding yourself of cabin fever?