Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. Thank goodness for days off to rest and savor everyday moments. Monday was for waking up slowly, making a delicious pancake lunch, and spending time doing Laura things. Sometimes I forget how important it is to do what I love to do when I lose sight of a healthy work, life balance.

2. All my creativity has been funneled into blogging lately. I really, truly love this community but I am looking forward to dedicating some more intentional time to hands on projects. Time to attempt to sew a quilt.

3. The bald twins are back at it again. Elle is my favorite little bald girl and together, with our funny faces, we feel like we are unstoppable. Truth is, she dances much better than I do and I am totally okay with that. 

4. Saturdays around our house are the best. We have found a healthy balance of getting things done while taking things slow. I had coffee with this sweet blog and real life friend, we cleaned up around the house, and hosted an appetizer and dessert party. Everything is better with the husband's flannel and Gap jeans on.

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