Why the Chromebook is Right for Me

Google is doing a lot of things right. For too long I stayed out of the Google scene thinking it was too complicated and not for me. This type A, overly organized girl couldn't have possibly imagine living in a world without Microsoft Word. But then something dramatic happened in my life. My trusty old college laptop went to the wayside, and in a world where student loans and rent are very real money eaters, buying a fancy schmancy laptop was not an option.

As someone who is technology illiterate, I am thankful for my trusty husband who knows the ins and outs of computers and electronics. He suggested the Chromebook on several occasions and I had heard rave reviews from Beth, but it took a lot of convincing that this was the computer for me. In case you're on the lookout for a new computer or have been curious about what Google has been up to in computer land lately, this post is for you.

The Chromebook is Affordable
Laptops are expensive. I remember counting every single penny from my high school graduation party in attempts to save up for my first laptop. As I started looking for new laptops I realized just how hard it is to find relatively equal quality and efficiency compared to price. The Chromebook is a very reasonable option that can be used professionally and personally.

The Chromebook is Quick
Let me tell you, this computer is speedy. The Chromebook is completely internet-based meaning there is very little storage on the computer itself. Again, going back to my freak out thinking I couldn't possibly live without My Documents or Microsoft Office, this was an initial concern for me. I have fallen in love with the speed however between screens, photo editing, and the Google Drive. Within a few seconds of turning on the laptop, it is up and running.

The Chromebook User Friendly
Technology is only my friend when it works. I will admit, I am a fair weather fan and as soon as something goes wrong I throw a bit of a hissy fit till the husband can fix it (I am not proud of this by the way). Finding a laptop that is user friendly was super important to me. It did take some time to figure out the ins and outs of the Chromebook but now I cannot imagine a more user friendly computer.

The Chromebook is Portable 
The Chromebook is the perfect size, shape, and capacity for providing both durability and portability. I love that I can slip it in my purse and barely feel a difference in weight. It can be taken anywhere and the excellent battery life makes it easy to work from whether there is a plugin nearby or not. I also think it is super pretty and sleek, but that is more of a personal preference.

The Chromebook is Google Based
I have alluded to this already, but the Chromebook functions primarily off of Google. Being one of the biggest companies worldwide and having their foot in nearly every avenue of technology, Google is a brand to trust. Everything is synced with my Google account - Gmail, the Google Drive, my calendar, Google hangout, Google+, and more that I probably don't even know about.

This makes it extremely convenient to be working on multiple projects in multiple areas all on one simple platform. For example, I can easily share photos I am working on for a collaborative post from my Google Drive to another blogger whose contact information is pulled from my Gmail contacts. Win, win, win. I can also access the Google Drive (meaning my photos, documents, sheets, etc) from any other device by simply signing into my Google account. Talk about convenience!

Do you own a Chromebook?
What do you look for in a laptop?

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