Alopecia Stories | Volume One

Unless you have been living under a rock and have some way of still connecting to the internet, which in that case fill me in, you are likely aware of my baldness. I have had Alopecia, a disease in which my body attacks hair follicles and blocks the growth of any hair, for thirteen years now. I have shared quite a bit of my journey on the blog, but there are many entertaining, meaningful, and everyday stories that come along with my Alopecia. They are stories I love to share with others and I cannot wait to share with you. Without further ado, welcome to Alopecia Stories | Volume One.


When I was in high school, my best friend Kippen and I were at the Mall of America. We were hosting Japanese foreign exchange students and eating lunch with them in the food court. After ordering our food we sat down and started up some casual conversation that is now irrelevant compared to what happened next.

Out of nowhere, a middle-aged man literally runs up behind me and starts spewing out words about his wife's battle with cancer. He had obviously assumed, as most do, that this is why I was bald. I could not get a word in edge wise to share about my Alopecia as he spoke ninety miles a minute sharing all sorts of life stories. Then as quickly as he had appeared, he disappeared leaving Kippen and I absolutely speechless. We had said absolutely nothing for the five or so minutes he jabbered at us and were in an entertained yet confused state of shock. 

We begin to eat again and joke about the situation that had just taken place, all right next to the especially confused Japanese students, when he sprinted up behind me once again. He was back! I think Kippen nearly lost her cool around him in an effort to warn me. Speaking faster than lightening, he slapped a twenty dollar bill down on the table, exclaimed joyfully, here's for lunch and ran away. 

Even more speechless than before, Kippen and I nearly died laughing at how the entire situation had unfolded. We kept looking over our shoulders to see if he would magically reappear and swore that if he came back we had to cut him off and tell him about my Alopecia that wasn't Cancer. Well, he never reappeared. I felt too guilty keeping the money he thought was supporting a cancer survivor so I gave it to a lemon stand on the way home. 

So kind stranger, whose wife bravely survived Cancer and decided to give out of your own heart to someone you thought was in need - thank you. If you are reading this today, your generosity was a blessing of laughter and a gift to some kids at a lemonade stand in the suburbs of Minneapolis.

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