Alopecia Stories | Volume Two

Unless you have been living under a rock and have some way of still connecting to the internet, which in that case fill me in, you are likely aware of my baldness. I have had Alopecia, a disease in which my body attacks hair follicles and blocks the growth of any hair, for thirteen years now. I have shared quite a bit of my journey on the blog, but there are many entertaining, meaningful, and everyday stories that come along with my Alopecia. They are stories I love to share with others and I cannot wait to share with you. Without further ado, welcome to Alopecia Stories | Volume Two. And if you missed out on volume one, you can find it here.


As a bald woman I have come to discover that others are attracted to my head artistically. Over the past decade my head has been a masterpiece for the creativity of many. The most common occurrences developed during late night study sessions in college, long bus rides on mission trips, or sleepovers where we crossed the line from tired to loopy. You know what I am talking about, right? 

In the thick of those moments, it wouldn't be long till the markers and paint came out and the doodles began. Rainbows, stars, smiley faces, and bright shapes quickly found a home on top of my head as friends would fill the entirety with color. The showers afterwards were always a bit miserable trying not to get marker in my eyes, but hey it made for great photos and fun memories. 

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