DIY Spring Wreath

Spring is coming, spring is coming! It sure does not seem like it with the nation wide snow storm that keeps us all grumbling of the lingering winter, but I assure you spring is around the corner.

Target is my one stop shop for anything and everything. Unfortunately the nearest one is about an hour away from me so each trip is a real treat. If you are like me, the dollar section trips you up every time you walk in the door. It is as if they can read your brain thinking I'm only going to get paper towels this time and then look, all of a sudden you have loaded basket with much more. It happens to the best of us, right?

With the nearing of spring and the help of Target's get-you-every-time dollar section, I picked up this wicker wreath and came up with a special project. I have been purging my craft supplies lately trying to keep what is necessary and use up what is not. It only seemed fitting to liven it up with some leftover scrap fabric in pastel shades. Now if only we had a door to hang it on!

What You Need:
-Wicker wreath
-Scrap fabric

How To:
1. Cut fabric into long, skinny strips.
2. Weave fabric pieces in and out of the wreath's sticks.
3. Vary fabric patterns and colors as desired.
4. Tie the ends of fabric together on the back and cut down to not.
5. Display in your home and wait for spring!

How are you preparing for spring?
Have you done any fun DIY projects lately?

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