Empowering Women with CARE

Women around the world have voices and stories that need to be heard. We are unique individuals who, on our own, have a wealth of experience to share with our communities and together have even more to share with the world. Empowering women to believe in themselves, identify their passions, and live into their dreams is one of my core values in life. Women worldwide have a huge part in making neighborhoods, businesses, and nations succeed. This is something done together, not alone.

CARE, a leading humanitarian organization in smart, culturally savvy solutions for the problems that affect communities around the world, is all about empowering women. Little did you know, CARE actually created the original care packages. You must remember them, the ones filled with cookies that you likely received from grandparents in college. The concept of sending love to dear friends and family around the globe still exists today. CARE Knows How continues to make a difference in the lives of those who need empowerment and love, especially women and children.

The world changers of our generation listen well, serve humbly, and seek to understand from a bottom-up approach. CARE Knows How has story upon story of equipping people locally with what they need to help themselves. Our lives are enriched when we hear perspectives different and diverse from our own. I encourage you to spend some time reading Kallani's story on how an educational program on cow milk production completely changed her family and financial situation. Or how communities in Ecuador have made fog drinkable to save time fetching fresh, drinkable water. And beating poverty with donuts, that is one you must read!

If we truly believe in a world of giving women voices to share their stories and experiences, then we must seek a world of hope, tolerance, and social justice. To learn more about CARE and work together in empowering women worldwide visit CARE Knows How.

Today's post is sponsored by CARE, but my love for empowering women around the world and giving them a voice is all my own.