February 2015 Recap + March Goals

I mentioned in last month's recap and goals how hard the year started out for us. We were immediately faced with the loss of a job, significant medical bills, and unknown of the future. It was a whole bunch of crazy all at once and we are thankful to be in more stable season of life.

February was so good to us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It was a rejuvenation of the spirit and we feel back to a wholesome, everyday peace. First of all, we have the best of friends. Give me just a moment to brag on them - we were so abundantly blessed by cards, phone calls, and monetary gifts from family, friends, and even blogging friends in our time of need. We have learned so much about abiding in Jesus and giving freely out of generosity. Thank you, friends.

February was fairly low key for us, sticking around town and living day to day. I had two significant photo opportunities of capturing Megan and Chad's engagement photos and doing a photo shoot for the cottage girls. I am loving the chance to get to know my camera better and play around.

We celebrated the wedding of Jacob's brother and fell for their elegant event location and rock star dance. Family weddings are for reuniting and loving well. Of course, the weather has been up and down and all around. As soon as the snow falls, the warm temps set in to melt it all away. Soon enough we will turn the corner for good into spring and our home is so ready for it. Bring it on March!

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Fun Photography I have a sad confession to make - blog photography has taken over a significant portion of my SD card. The majority of the photos I take serve a distinct purpose and I want to take this month to develop an intentional habit to take photos simply to take photos and capture moments.

Develop Policies Last month's goal that had to get done, didn't get done, and I am okay with that. Grace is a beautiful thing and I'm giving it to myself for not developing policies in the timeline I had desired. It is first priority for March.

Celebrate Others We are blown away by how generous our community of friends and supporters has been to us. This month we hope to give back, celebrate the success and talents of others, and stretch ourselves love even deeper.

What are your aspirations for March?
How did you grow in February?

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