May Day Basket Swap

The birds are chirping, the air is fresh, and people around town are starting to migrate outside after the frozen tundra kept them in for months. These, my friends, are signs of spring. And to celebrate spring, I have one of the happiest opportunities for you to participate in. The first official May Day Basket Swap!

It may seem as though May 1st is worlds away, especially if you still have snow on the ground, but it couldn't be sooner to start planning for those special May Day Baskets. When we were little, my sister and I loved making cone-shaped baskets out of bright construction paper, filling them to the brim with candy, and sneakily delivering them on our neighbors doorsteps. It was an act of generosity, a way to be creative, and a celebration of spring. All my favorites.

The May Day Basket Swap is special chance to give, give, give out of generosity to a secret stranger and pick out some goodies to help them ring in spring.  If you love finding gifts for others, blessing someone with snail mail packages, and taking part in the best May Day extravaganza out there, then sign yourself up today!

According to Laura Jean
Anyone in the United States can participate in the May Day Basket Swap. You do not have to be a blogger to join in. Share this with your friends and get them on board too!

March 27 | Registration closes
March 30 | Assignments emailed to you
April 22   | Deadline to mail May Day Baskets
May 6       | Link up post to share your baskets

To sign up for the May Day Basket Swap, fill out this form. You will receive your buddy to shop for by March 30th. Your budget is $15 to spend on a May Day goodies. You may go over this amount if you are feeling generous, but please do not go cheaper. Nobody likes feeling left out.

This is not a partner swap - instead you will be shopping for someone while someone else will be shopping for you.The more friends, the merrier! Once you receive your assignment, spend some time on their Pinterest boards, blog, and social media accounts getting to know their taste. Try your best to keep your pairing secret until the package arrives on their door step, true to May Day Basket style.

Social Media:
Bloggers and non-bloggers alike, we are almost all on social media. Share your assembling and receiving of May Day Baskets for the swap using the hashtag #maydayswap on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I will be sharing my favorites throughout the swap and can't wait to see the creative ideas you come up with. And don't forget to grab the button and add it to your sidebar so we can build a community of May Day swappers!

Are you ready for some May Day fun?
Sign up today to reserve your spot.

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