Spring Layers

Living in the Midwest is all about seasons. We pride ourselves on getting through long, frigid winters to then be rewarded by cool falls and springs with mild, blooming summers. It really is the best of all worlds. The constant changing of seasons however does require a versatile wardrobe. This week has been in the 30s in the morning and then spikes up to high 60s in the afternoons. It will likely be snowing next week and who knows the week after that.

Dressing smart is not for the faint of heart. For me, it comes down to layers. Layers upon layers upon layers means I can throw on a cardigan for the cool mornings and spend the rest of the day in a button down when it warms up. I am typically not a fan of jeans but when tights are too hot and bare legs are too cold, denim makes for an easy go to.

Combinations like these are common ones for me on the weekends. It is so comfortable to run errands in, get house chores done with, and spend time with friends. Perfect for an on the go girl like me. P.S. Maybe, just maybe this could also serve as a Target confessional and how much I love their clothes.

Outfit Details:
Cardigan // Target
Polka Dot Button Down // Old Navy
Jeans // H&M
Necklace // Christmas Gift
Shoes // Target

How do you dress for the spring weather?
What are your favorite layers?