Top 5 Spotify Playlists

I am a sporadic music lover. My taste in music jumps all over the place depending on the mood I am in and the activity I am doing. Katy Perry and One Direction will always be my not so secret pop music loves, but I also cherish some good quality time with Ben Howard and the classical piano.

Music is a beautiful way to connect to others, experience emotion in words, and appreciate diversity. Spotify is my go to music platform - I listen during work, I listen on road trips, I listen doing the dishes, I listen during naps. You get it, I listen to Spotify. It provides an excellent way to organize my favorite music, and varied genres, into sorted playlists #builtinweddingdj. But most of the time, I go to the browse section and choose a mood and playlist that fits my current taste in music.

Chill Genre - Home Sweet Home Playlist
This is played on a regular basis while we prepare dinner, eat together, and enjoy the evenings. I love having chill music in the background to set the mood and feel comfortable at home. The home sweet home playlist is a perfect playlist for just that.

Party Genre - Mixed Generations Party
You know what is awkward? When you're a twenty something and enjoy some of the music that your great grandparents label as crazy pop music. This playlist is the perfect mix of fun upbeat songs that you will enjoy but won't offend the elders of a party. There's even some familiar tunes for them to get up and dance to.

Focus Genre - Stress Relief
At work I enjoy putting on music that drowns out background, distracting office noises and can help me focus on the projects in front of me. I love this playlist and how simple yet beautiful it is.

Folk & Americana Genre - Folk Pop
Folk and indie music are some of my favorite genres, but I realize that is not everyone's cup of tea. This playlist is the perfect mix of a bit of folk to dip your toes in with a mix of pop. I consider this one winning in every way.

Workout Genre - Cardio
I think we can all agree music is a significant motivator when it comes to hitting the gym or getting pumped up for a run. Turn up the volume and put these rhythms into place next time you work out. And just as a disclaimer, there are a few explicit songs I skip past.

And a bonus for you as it is not music, but is awesome nonetheless, comes from the Word Genre and is found under the Once Upon a Time playlist. Yes, you got it, children's stories and of course you do not have to be a child to listen.

What is your favorite genre of music?
Are you a Spotify or Pandora lover?

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