Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. When the grocery stores get fresh foods you can count on spring being on the way. Our grocery list was packed full of summery things this week and it tasted so wonderful. Did you know asparagus and lemon are totally a thing? Now if only we had a grill.

2. Thank you Daylight Saving Time for being so good to us. The sunrise coincides perfectly with my bike commute to work and the sunset is enjoyable in the evening. The temperatures have been in the 60s every single day and wow have we been spoiled. Please no more snow, please, please, please.

3. Last fall I won Meg's Minted giveaway and was so ecstatic. $150 store credit to one of my favorite online shops was pretty great. It took a good five months to decide what prints to get. These pieces are the beginning to our adventure style gallery wall.

4. Saturday afternoon called for a spontaneous trip to the park. We threw the Frisbee back and forth, hung around near the dog park, and read this long overdue book. Even though we are big city people at heart, there are perks to the small town life that we love.

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