April 2015 Recap + May Goals

Once again we find ourselves at the cusp of two months, reflecting on what has past, and looking ahead to what is to come. These recap posts may not be the most cutting edge in the blog world, but they provide a space to process and think. They serve as a reminder of how faithful the Lord has been and the promises he holds for the future. I tend to learn the most in times of transition - even if it is simply the transition for month to month.

April was gorgeous in every way. It was the perfect mix of active and full with enough rest and balance built in. That balance can be hard to find in my life, but this month felt so right. We spent much of our free time riding our bikes, going on walks, and hosting bonfires. After a slight upset over how I was going to garden, I committed to container and pot gardening and have the first signs of flourishing vegetables. Yay!

There are so many spring birthdays to celebrate and our mailbox has been filled with handwritten love to and from the birthdays kings and queens. We threw ourselves a birthday party and celebrated our local coffee shop turning one-year-old under new ownership. Life is better when we celebrate together, am I right?

And to finish off a fantastic month, we took a weekend roadtrip to Omaha and visited our dear friends Matt, Liz, and Layla. We adventured in the rain, explored the Old Market streets, and played so many games. Weekends like these remind me how rich and cherished solid friendships are.

In blogging news, I was published in the regional newspaper and it was potentially my proudest moment of 2015 so far! I got to share all about my passions for building an online community and a bit about my journey with Alopecia. I have also been working on developing partnerships with brands and bloggers. It is a joy!

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Reflect on 22 My time is almost up with singing Taylor Swift's I'm feeling 22-oo-ooo on repeat all year long. My birthday is next week and I want to be intentional about reflecting on this past year. It has been one of the best and one of the toughest. Thinking intently on all that happened will help launch me into 23.

Master Manual I have an embarrassing confession to make - I am still not fully committed to manual shooting on my DSLR. Now that I feel like running and hiding out of shame, it is time to master manual and dive deep into tutorials.

Plan for the Summer Madison wrote a great post about blogging consistently through the summer months. It can be a challenge to stay motivated and inspired with so many competing activities going on. I want to be ahead of the game and start brainstorming content and ideas to carry out through the summer months.

What was fantastic about your April?
What are you reflecting on currently?

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