Capture the Moment

Photography is a learning journey and one that is always changing. Change is something that I love about the process of learning, there is something to continually try and grow in. I have owned my DSLR camera for two years now and am ashamed of how long I kept it in automatic mode. Manual mode seemed too intimidating and reserved for the best of the best in my mind. I kept making excuses for not having enough time to learn and resorting to what was easiest for capturing quick photos.

A few months ago I decided to take the plunge and devote myself to a large learning curve of the ins and outs to manual shooting. While not every photo is perfect and it takes me significantly longer to snap some shots, it has been the best opportunity to ditch perfectionism and embrace creativity.

Along with shooting in manual has come a deeper desire to capture everyday moments. I snagged this book up recently and have been enthralled with the unique sense of style and creativity these photographers find day in and day out. Sometimes I believe the lie that my life is too boring to take snapshots of, but these pages are filled with simple moments that tell stories. Isn't that what photography is all about?

The ISO, aperture, and shutter speed of manual shooting may seem like logistics that need to be learned, but altogether they create a story to welcome others in and allow onlookers the opportunity to digest the photo. Add to that lighting, focus, and composition of a photo and even more is brought to the table.

The best part about photography is that it is personal. Every photographer is unique and has their own flavor of creativity. If you are hesitating to take the plunge into this fascinating learning experience, I encourage you do dive in deep! Leave your perfection at the door, seek meaningful resources, and try new things.

What are you learning about photography?
I received this book from Blogging for Books. All thoughts, photos, and ideas are my own.

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