Guilt Free Snacking with Rice Pudding

I love snacks. If it were socially acceptable to eliminate meals and just eat snacks, I would be all about it. Snacks provide that extra energy boost when the mid-afternoon tireds start to creep in. Snacks are present at almost every gathering in our house and provide a way to gather with food and friends. And, well, snacks typically have a whole lot of calories packed into them. Bummer.

Once I graduated college and moved into the working world, I realized just how important it is to snack healthily and not just fill your body with what sounds the best in the moment. Ice cream and salty crackers may always have your taste buds salivating, but the amount of nutrients and energy that actually do good is lacking. Being productive at work and my best self means saying no to my sweet tooth and reaching for a piece of fruit instead of a candy bar. Real life choices, people. 

I recently discovered Kozy Shack Simply Well Rice Pudding and feel like I have been born into a whole new way of snacking. Who knew pudding could be a guilt-free snack option? Certainly not I. Besides the sweet and enjoyable taste, what I love most about this rice pudding is that it is the perfect 90-calorie snack to accompany me throughout my busy days. They come in convenient 4-pack cups that can be carried around in your purse or kept in the fridge to pull out at any point you have a sweet craving. Win!

We brought the rice pudding out for guests we had over, placed them in a pretty dish with a few strawberries and a pinch of cinnamon and called it delicious. Kozy Shack Simply Well Rice Pudding was the perfect spring time snack to feel our best and enjoy the beautiful warm weather. Give it a try, you certainly won't be disappointed with this snack that provides yummy flavor for less calories.

What better-for-you snacks do you enjoy?
Have you every tried Kozy Shack Simply Well products?

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