March 2015 Recap + April Goals

How can it already be April? As I process how fantastic of a month March was, I am amazed how fast 2015 has been already. Last I checked it was Christmas. March came in like a lamb and left like a lamb with a bit of lion in between. I have been dancing happy dances since Day Light Savings and the extra hour of springtime!

This month marked the start of spring travel season for my job and I did a few tours through Iowa meeting high school students. I spent an afternoon with Nicole and loved hearing about her passion and zest for life! Thank goodness for blog friends becoming real friends. I also got to stop by my friend Becca's preschool classroom and mix and mingle with some little munchkins. Of course they have all the questions in the world regarding my lack of hair.

We tried to keep our weekends slow and steady this month and savor everyday moments. A whole lot of time was spent on our bikes, at the local coffee shop, and around town. Our birthday calendar was packed full this month and it was one of my goals to celebrate others an enormous amount. Birthdays cards flew back and forth across the states and we spent a weekend celebrating one of our favorite friends, Jessica, in the Twin Cities.

According to Laura Jean had a booming month! Thank you loyal friends, I am so encouraged by you and your support for creativity, authentic growth, and partnerships! You make this community possible.

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Maximize Pinterest Pinterest can be fairly overwhelming to me especially since they have placed more efforts on sponsored pins. I want to spend some time maximizing the opportunity Pinterest has to offer while seeking out genuine avenues of growth.

Brainstorm Sponsors This has appeared, disappeared, and reappeared on my monthly goals several times and is likely no surprise that it is back. I am still trying to brainstorm how to build a strong and quality sponsor program. To be continued...

Think Big Picture I am a detail oriented person through and through and love working on day to day projects. It is time to think big picture about this space of mine and where it is going from here. There are some awesome opportunities on the horizon that I want to dream about before nailing down the details.

What was your favorite part of March?
What goals do you have for April?

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