Spring Bonfires

I do believe the warmer weather is here to stay. Of course whenever that is spoken aloud or committed to writing, good old mother nature seems to change things up on us. These warm afternoons and cool spring nights are perfect for getting outdoors and enjoying good company.

Last weekend we had our first bonfire of the season. Jacob and I are fortunate enough to live in an apartment that has an awesome backyard with a fire pit. We really lucked out! We typically go potluck style with each friend bringing a snack or dish to share. Isn't it amazing how hot dogs never taste that great till they are roasted over the fire? We live by this philosophy.

The stories shared, memories embraced, and friends gathered around a bonfire are priceless. These are the moments I want to savor and remember most in life. And in case you are having a bonfire in the near future, I will let you in on a little secret. Split an Oreo cookie in two, put a mini Reese's in between the cookies, set it near the fire for a few minutes to melt, and enjoy the absolute deliciousness. You are welcome!

What are your favorite bonfire memories?
Do you have any secret campfire treats?

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