Thoughts on Peace

The word peace is one of my favorites. When spoken it feels like a cool, refreshing drink on a hot day or a breath of fresh air. Peace revives, calms, and makes right. I often find myself asking God for peace in times of transition, confusion, and worry. We tend to crave peace in our daily lives when our minds, hearts, and spirits wander or stray.

A friend and I were talking recently about how great it must be to grow old. We were dreaming about becoming 90 years old and wondering if we would have a greater sense of peace and assurance in life by then. I was reminded through this conversation however that peace is not something that is guaranteed or promised in all seasons. As Christians, we seem to think a peaceful life is all ours and in times of waiting or transition we feel like it is lacking. I believe, however, that we serve a God who gives and takes away.

What does this mean for the in between, waiting periods of life when peace may not define our thoughts and emotions? How do we live in tension, confusion, and worry while seeking reconciliation and understanding? In the wise words of C.S. Lewis, "God cannot give us happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing."

God is peace and he gives himself to us through the resurrection of Christ. When we seek God, we are seeking peace. Although our day to day may not be characterized by full peace and understanding, we can trust that the God we serve is a giver of peace (John 14:27). So take heart today, dear friends, if you find yourself in a season of transition or unrest, let the peace of Christ reign in your heart and live into the waiting. Through these seasons comes great assurance and hope.

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