Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. My road bike, who still needs a name, is officially back out from hibernation and being put to good use. It is my primary mode of transportation around town and I love commuting back and forth to work on it. Fresh air does wonders for the soul while deodorant and body mist keeps me feeling fresh and tidy after a ride.

2. I am finishing up the last few touches on my spring capsule wardrobe and cannot wait to share my favorite outfits with you. Of course there are several pieces from ThredUp debuting. If you've been holding off on trying ThredUp, what are you waiting for? Like new, affordable clothing right to your doorstep is my kind of shopping.

3. We love date nights at the Old Factory. More and more I am learning just how important it is to share time together, even if we are busy doing our own thing, sharing space is a beautiful thing. Our favorite coffee shop lets us do just that.

4. Okay, how cute are these little guys? We came across them while running some Saturday errands and were thoroughly entertained. They had such an attitude, but loved the attention! Later our friend told us the store sometimes has baby bunnies, they can expect us to be back soon!

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-A refreshing message for recent college grads
-Spring time on the farm, these photos are too precious
-Spring date nights are a must
-The Get to Work Book is now available for pre-order, are you getting one?
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Welcome to April, sweet friends!
What is the weather like in your neck of the woods?