Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. Last week and the next few are probably my favorites of all year because of birthdays! I am birthday queen and love celebrating milestones so much so that I created my own hashtag #lauralovesbirthdays. We celebrated our local coffee shop turning one with party hats, selfies, and lots of laughter. The dearest husband of mine turned 23 and my one and only little turkey of a sister turned 21 last week.

2. Green is everywhere this spring! Are there any other green lovers out there besides me? This garden shop in Chicago had me longing for plants upon plants upon plants. In college Jacob presented a speech on the benefits of house plants even though he had none, it was a typical Jake move. I am glad that being married to him has changed that and now we both reap the benefits of house plants.

3. Campfire season is here to stay. We kicked off our first bonfire of the year on Friday night and had a grand time. I can't wait to share photos with you later this week + a super secret campfire recipe you'll be craving for days.

4. We have a strong desire to live locally and support small businesses in the area. There is a little taco shop in our small town that makes the most delicious, authentic tacos for $1 a piece. It is our favorite lunch time stop or treat while on an evening walk. I wish you could taste how savory and mouth watering they are through the computer screen!

Happy Birthday Jacob!
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Welcome to Monday!
Let's face today with joy and let it set the week's tone.