East & Linbrooke

Outfit Details: Purple Tank | Gold Leaf Skirt | Bracelet | Gold Flats

Summer is nearing which means it is time to pull out the flirty skirts and dresses. I love when the warm weather provides the opportunity to dress girly and play around with patterns, accessories, and my capsule wardrobe. I dress pretty simply day to day, with my staple pieces serving many functions. I do, however, enjoy having a few statement accessories that spice up my everyday style, like this multicolored button bracelet.

As a perfectionist, I often overanalyze my matching abilities. Is the gold in the bracelet too gold compared to the skirt? Do the purples match well enough? What I have come appreciate about statement jewelry is that it is just that - a statement. The bracelet is what draws attention in and the rest of the outfit goes hand in hand. It truly is effortless and a great way to build outfits through a capsule wardrobe.

I recently heard of the boutique East & Linbrooke that specializes in women's fashion and accessories without the steap pricetag. Unique and stylish fashion should not cost an arm and a leg. East & Linbrooke is committed to high quality pieces under $50 and this bracelet is an example of their philosophy. Score! And because you are a loyal follower of According to Laura Jean, use the coupon code ALJ10 for 10% off your purchase at East & Linbrooke.

What are your favorite pieces from East & Linbrooke?
How do you incorporate statement accessories?

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