May 2015 Recap + June Goals

Hello summer! Spring came quick and is already transitioning into sweet summertime. Picnics at the park, camping trips, and outdoor adventures are on the horizon and I cannot wait. May was a really big month for us and we are so excited with the progress in life plans that have been made.

In case you missed it, Jacob and I will be moving to the Twin Cities in just a few short weeks to start new careers. We are both originally from Minnesota and look forward to the opportunity to be near to family and friends. Because of so much transition, most of our month was used for job interviews, traveling back and forth, and solidifying plans. It was joyful and exhausting all at the same time.

Our month of celebrating also included my birthday! I love birthdays and it just so happened to land on our college's graduation weekend. It was a built in birthday party all weekend long, because my dear friends were in town. It is challenging yet so important to keep in touch with friends from college. This served as a perfect opportunity to share life together even if it was just a few days.

We spent Memorial Day weekend packing, purging, and resting. I am continually reminded of how tiring life transitions can be. We are taking it day by day and making sure to give ourselves the opportunity to rest when needed.

According to Laura Jean has some exciting opportunities planned for this summer. The blog world can slow down a few notches over these next few months, but you can count on my blog to keep up similar pace. If you've been considering sponsoring on the According to Laura Jean team, but haven't taken the leap yet, now is your chance. Through the end of May, use the code SURPRISE for a special amount off every package. Hurry, go now! I would love the opportunity to work with you.

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Focus on Moving I have one simple yet lofty goal for June - focus on our move. Transitions can become overwhelming if I try to do everything perfectly. It's time to focus my energy on our move and dedicate myself to the process. And yes, I will be sharing more with you as the adventure unwinds!

Tell me about your May!
What memories do you want to hold onto?

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