Our Big News

Friends, it is with great excitement that Jacob and I share some big news with you today. Over the past year we have been thinking and praying and thinking and praying over what our next steps are in life. We have had dreams form and plans change while trying to fully discern where we a meant to be and what we are to be doing.

We have loved our experience in small town Iowa. This is the place we fell in love, gained an invaluable college education, and started our adult lives. We had some of the best of moments and some of the worst. This place will forever be in our hearts. That being said, we are big city people seeking greater opportunities and looking for change.

We can now officially announce that this summer we will be moving to the Twin Cities, Minnesota! Jacob and I are both originally from the Twin Cities and cannot wait to make the transition back to a state we love. We may be bias, but we truly believe Minnesota is one of the best places to live. It has four beautiful seasons, has a vibrant young professional population, and has opportunities to be lost in the woods or downtown within a two minute walk. This is the place for us!

Jacob has accepted a position at Goodwill Easter Seals as a career specialist. He will be working with people who have barriers into the workplace (poverty, sporadic job history, etc.) and teaching courses with job skills, interviewing techniques, and career placement. This is truly where his heart is at and he is looking forward to do something he is passionate about.

I have accepted a position at Bethel University as their admissions event coordinator. I will be able to continue to my career in admissions and concentrate on giving meaningful experiences to on-campus visitors in a Christian academic community. I greatly look forward to working on a dynamic and innovative team while gaining more exposure in Christian higher education.

Thank you to those who have been praying with us through each step of this journey. Thank you for the encouragement and support as we make this transition. Our blogging community is such an important part of our lives, just like our in person community, and we are so happy to celebrate this move with you!

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