The Guys Behind the Blog | May Edition

Welcome to one of the most anticipated posts of each month - Jacob's takeover of According to Laura Jean. I am so excited to officially be the co-host of The Guys Behind the Blog link-up with Betsy of Heavens to Betsy each month. Together we hope to provide a fun experience for your boyfriends, fiances, and husbands to takeover your blog and share a bit about themselves. Add your post to the linkup below and visit some other blogs to make new friends! Without further ado, here is my handsome husband of almost a year, Jacob.

What is your favorite family tradition?
I cannot say that I had a lot of traditions in my family growing up. But what I have loved most over the past 5 years is making the road trip up to the Twin Cities, arriving at 10 p.m. and staying up late with my Laura and my parents just talking about life.

Who's your male celebrity crush?
There are probably way too many to count and it changes every other day. Right now I would say my male crush is a tie between Matt Corby and Alton Brown. Anyone who is familiar with either of those celebrities wins a point. Matt Corby is an artist, of the musical variety, who I would very much like to sing me to bed each night. Alton Brown is basically the most intimidating, yet funny, person on the Food Network Channel and I am terrified of him.

What song best sums you up?
I don't know if this song sums me up or not, but I am absolutely digging it right now. It's called Our Own House by Misterwives and I think you should go listen to it right now. Now that I think of it the song is about building their own house and how it will never fall apart. I can't even build a sandcastle well, let alone a house...

What three things do you think of the most each day?
I know this is a popular theme for this segment but the thing I think about most each day is our future dog!! Yeah team #Gillelandsgetadog! But really, I think about what kind we will get, what we will name her (yes it will be a girl), and all the fun activities we will do. I can't wait!

Second, I have been thinking of our big move up to the Twin Cities and how crazy that adventure will be. But specifically, what I will drop and break during the moving process. I know it is going to happen. Here's to hoping it isn't couch. Do couches break? Would it break me?

The third thing I think about most is all the places I want to camp. Moving back to Minnesota means more camping which I am excited for and have been thinking all day, everyday.

What is your most embarrassing memory?
So one day I was visiting my family's house and I was getting ready to go out to dinner with them. I got out of the shower and started to dry my hair when I saw a huge bottle of baby shampoo. I picked up the bottle and started to do some light reading about the product. On the front of the bottle in huge letters it says as gentle on your eyes as pure water and I thought that is amazing technology! Why isn't this in all shampoos. Without missing a beat I poured some shampoo straight into my eyes, just to test out the claim. It was the absolute worst pain my eyes have ever experienced, my eyes were burning red for 3 hours. When I saw my parents they of course questioned why my eyes looked like tomatoes and I had to admit I poured baby shampoo in them.

And that's that. It is always exciting to have Jacob make an appearance on the blog from time to time. I hope you will consider joining us for this month's link-up and sharing your fellow with us. June's Guys Behind the Blog is scheduled for Thursday, June 25 and will stay open through Friday, July 3. If you want to get a head start, here are the questions for next month.

1 | What is the best vacation you have ever been on?
2 | If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go?
3 | Are there any summer traditions that you have or would like to start? (think things like big picnics, summer activities, bonfires, or day trips for example)
4 | The 4th of July is coming up - what is a must-have picnic or BBQ food for you?
5 | Think of your idea vacation - are you in a cozy cabin, camping in a tent or hanging in a hotel?

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