Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. We live in a small dutch town that celebrates everything dutch-like. Tulips are a big deal here. Like so big that it is illegal to pick them, say what? The entire town is gearing up for the annual tulip festival in a few weeks. Fingers crossed the tulips will still be in bloom.

2. Can we take a minute to celebrate how awesome REI is? They have had my heart since I was little and I could spend hours browsing through their departments. I don't really aspire to be rich, but if I did, REI would be the reason. Jacob and I are slowly and steadily building our camping collection and can't wait to explore new places this summer.

3. So here is a funny story about this sweatshirt. Jacob and his sister have a funny relationship. For Christmas Jacob labored over what to get her and decided on this sweatshirt. He claimed it had character, was unique, and she would like it. We gifted it to her, she laughed, and went on with life. This past week when I was at their house, I got cold and asked to borrow a sweatshirt. With no hesitation, she pulls this one out for me to wear. Apparently it is the gift that keeps on giving.

4. My garden has officially been transplanted from indoors to outside. I felt like a mom leaving her kindergartener at the bus stop for the first time. What if the wind gets to them? What if the sun scorches them? What if it rains too much? I had all the nerves. I plan to do a garden post of our process since it is a bit unique. We are doing all container and pot vegetable gardening - perfect for those of us who live in apartments or without a garden space.

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Did you spend time outside this weekend?
What were some of your week's highlights?