Adventure Wall Inspiration

Hello! My name is Leah and I am Laura's little sister. While Jacob and Laura are in the middle of moving states I am here to keep you company. Lucky you! I am a graphic designer and barista by day and slow-pitch softball player and basset hound lover by night. That's what I call living the life. 

Laura comes to me with everything design related. They are in the process of creating an adventure and art gallery wall for their new apartment and I am pleased to share some of my picks for them with you. Laura and I love Minted for all our design and decorating needs. Their products are sourced from a global community of independent artists like myself. If you haven't already, I encourage you to get lost in the creative world Minted has to offer. 

This print is one of my favorites because of the simplicity of the background and line work. I like how it looks like a doodle sketch! I would buy it in gray since the neutral colors really seem to interest me and it fits more with the subject matter verses buying a more colorful option offered. I love anything city related and think it's a really simple piece that could go anywhere in a room especially since "roof party", to me, symbolizes summer and togetherness!

I love this one. The graphic illustration style and the contrast of the brown background with white is awesome. I have this weird fascination with old Edison light bulbs and I especially like how a variety of styles are represented in this piece. I think it screams nature and Midwest in style and is unique and interesting. I think the colors and style would pair well with any other pieces as well as easy to decorate with as wall art!

Florals are always a good idea. But there's a fine line between modern floral design and grandma's favorite floral textiles. I think my favorite thing about this piece is the color scheme. I love the darker background but how it still holds a very natural and calming look while retaining an overall dramatic color. I love design mainly because you can take something very organic and real such as flowers and botanical design, but can turn it into a modern, flat piece without losing it's natural feeling. 

I chose this piece because of the natural feel of it! I like how it's proportioned as a square, making it a little more original than more rectangular pieces of wall art often seen. I think it's super fitting with the subject matter being circular. Again, I was drawn to the natural feel of the subject being a tree stump. I like how detailed it is without it being too realistic and still holding onto the illustrated doodled feeling! It has a very hypnotizing feelings (in a good way) and could be a really cool piece anywhere in the house!

What are your favorite prints from Minted?
Check out their website and comment below with the ones you love.

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