Creating Normal in Life Transitions

Normal is a strange word. It is constantly changing and shifting throughout different seasons of life yet we value knowing what normal feels like. Normal provides a sense of reassurance and security. It meets us in unlikely experiences and brings comfort in foreign places. In our season of moving to Minnesota, I have realized how important it is to create some sense of normal among this big life transition.

Boxes may be scattered throughout the house with no dishes to be found, but sitting down for dinner at the table, even with paper plates and leftovers, feels a bit more normal. We spend hours packing and purging every night, but getting out for a walk or bike ride gives us the space to live and enjoy a somewhat normal life. As rewarding as they may be, seasons of transition take patience and perseverance. These are some of the tips I have found most helpful in creating a sense of normal among life transitions.

Prioritize your needs in times of transition. For me, it is really important to keep our dishes out till the last possible minute. Eating normal food with normal dishware provides a sense of comfort. The rest of our house is torn up and in boxes, but we prioritized this one aspect of our lives and it has brought a whole lot of normal.

Rest Well
New seasons of life can put you in constant go mode. You are trying to keep up with a new job, packing up boxes in time for moving day or getting acclimated to a different environment. Sleep does wonders for the mind and body. Change is exhausting and wipes you out quicker than an average day. Make intentional time within your schedule to get enough sleep, watch Netflix for a bit or take a nap. It is easy to feel guilty when there is so much to do, but you will be more productive and healthier in the long run..

Make Time for Fun
This is my favorite and most important tip. Spend time doing what you love to create a sense of normal. If reading is your thing, pick up a book and get lost in it. If you love being outside, get outdoors for some adventure. If sewing a quilt is what will bring a sense of normal, set up your sewing machine and get to work. Make time for yourself and enjoy time doing what you love most.

How do you create normal in life transitions?
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