DIY Marriage Memory Journal

Preserving memories is a very important part of my life. I am someone who gets emotionally attached to anything and everything very quickly. I covet special moments, funny stories, and the little things that often go forgotten after days, weeks, and years. Shortly after getting married I decided to jot down some of these memories in a small journal for safe keeping. It quickly became a tradition on the 7th of every month, the date we got married, to write down our stories and moments in this memory journal.

It is hard to believe that we are coming upon our one year anniversary this weekend. I am not a fan of dwelling on or missing certain seasons of life, but wow has this year gone fast. It feels like we were just making last minute preparations and jumping into this new concept of marriage.

There are so many big life moments that happened this year. Memories that we will never ever forget like our honeymoon, Jake losing his job, my heart condition progressing, and our move to Minnesota. But in between these big, standout moments are day to day happenings that paint a larger picture of our relationship. Like that time I made spaghetti noodles, proceeded to drain it and spilled it all in a sink of raw chicken - twice. Or the week before the Super Bowl when we carved out a half hour every night to listen to Katy Perry in preparation. These are the little memories that make us laugh, make us cry, and make us remember. They are worth holding onto and looking back at every once in awhile.

Even if you have been married for ten years, I encourage you to find a journal and start recording special, everyday moments. It is simple yet meaningful. Looking back and remembering after months and years is a priceless opportunity to reminisce and grow closer to your spouse.

How do you record day to day memories?
Do you and your spouse have any fun traditions?

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