Fostering Fellowship

Every time the word fellowship is mentioned, I envision the fellowship hall of my home church. Each Sunday and Wednesday our fellowship hall was packed to the brim with people of all generations sitting with each other, eating together and enjoying the company of others. It paints a beautiful picture of people uniting from all different backgrounds for a shared purpose.

This is fellowship - coming together, sharing life and finding purpose in the people around us. Friendships are cultivated in fellowship and we find passion and purpose in a community that spurs us on. Fellowship among believers prospers fellowship with God. It is in this community of fellowship and sharing that we are drawn closer to one another and the Lord.

In this day and age, we tend to forget the notion that fellowship includes the sharing of our possessions. Fellowship encourages not only the sharing of life in general, but of material possessions that we may have and a brother or sister may be lacking. When we give and receive freely among a community of fellow believers, our hearts are stretched and inclined to those in need.

When my husband unexpectedly lost his job in January we were blown away by the generosity of those who supported us. Without asking friends, family and strangers gave of their time and money to encourage us. We felt guilty for receiving such abundance in our time of need, but learned quickly that true fellowship is rooted in sharing and giving as a community. Like my home church's fellowship hall, we desire to sit with each other, eating together and enjoying the company of others. But more than this, we are committed to fostering fellowship through the sharing of our possessions and plenty.

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