How to Dress for Bike Commuting

Biking is my main method of transportation. When Jacob and I made the decision to be a one car family, we knew it would take being creative to get to and from our destinations. Most everyday I commute to work and back home on my road bike. It is one of my favorite parts of the day and provides the opportunity for fresh air.

It has become evident to me that more people would like to commute to work on their bikes, but have hesitations. Maybe that is you! The most common question I am asked has to do with my wardrobe and how I bike to work in professional clothes. It is a trick of the trade my friends, so mount your bike and let me share my secrets with you.

Plan Ahead
Because the weather changes quickly in Iowa, I typically wear or bring a jacket or sweater to have on my commute. This allows for no surprises. If it is raining, I throw on my rain jacket. If the temperature drops while at work, I grab my sweater before heading home. 

Layer Under Dresses
Clearly it is not classy to bike in a dress, but bringing an additional set of clothes to change into is also a hassle. I typically layer leggings or jeans under my dress or skirt when biking to avoid problems. They are easy to slip off and store when I get to work plus they give a bit more protection from wind while commuting. 

The Messenger Bag
My messenger bag has gone many miles with me. It is the perfect bag for everyday life and I throw anything and everything into. You would be amazed at how much I can fit into it. On a day to day basis I bring my work computer, lunch, planner, phone, and wallet to and from work with me. If an outfit is un-bikeable, like a pencil skirt, then I will also carry this with and change when I get to work. This bag is a saving grace for transporting all of my possessions in an easy and fashionable way. 

Are you a bike commuter?
What tricks do you have for biking in a professional wardrobe?

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