Our First Anniversary

Today Jacob and I celebrate our first anniversary. To say that this year went fast is an understatement. It feels like we just buckled our seat belts on the roller coaster and are listening to the operator telling us to keep our hands and legs inside the vehicle at all times. We must not have listened to that direction well, because we made it a point to step out in adventure this year and be brave in the little everyday moments and big life decisions.

Our wedding and honeymoon set the pace of our marriage and helped us realize what is most important to us. Adventure, each other, and meeting new people are a few to name. We spent much of our first year dreaming big dreams and discerning how to logistically reach these. The idealist in Jake and the detailed me made a great team. Some of our favorite moments were unplanned like going on a date to find the most amazing Walmart in small town Iowa. Who knew?

Much like I said in my birthday reflections last month, this year met us in many unexpected ways. We were told countless times that the first year of marriage is the hardest. We laugh at this now as the hardest parts had pretty much nothing to do with adjusting to marriage, but everything to do with added circumstances. Major medical problems, living away from our biggest support network, living a part for nearly three months while I was traveling, losing a job, missing out on a dream job, and moving to a new state. We could not have possibly done this year without relying on the strength and love of each other and the Lord.

Happy first anniversary, my love!
Cheers to many more.

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