Summer Hat Style

Outfit Details: Chambray Dress + Belt | Summer Fedora | Brown Wedges

All in all, I love being bald. It has allowed me to live in freedom and accept who I truly am. Living with Alopecia is a large part of my story and makes me, me. One of the only complaints I have day to day is the unfortunate combination of my pasty white skin and completely bare scalp. Being outside is my absolute favorite, especially in the summer, but I am constantly worrying about how burnt my head is getting.

This past weekend we spent every day outside in the hot, hot sun and realized this is something I should take a bit more seriously. Not only do sunburns hurt, but the long term consequences can be scary. I picked up this hat from Target and decided to give the summer hat look at try. I have always felt a bit self-conscious in hats and tentative to whether I could really pull it off. With a boost of confidence from my lovely husband, this hat is ready to be my best friend for all the outdoor summer adventures. 

How do you wear hats in the summer?
What ways do you take care of your skin?