Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. Weird weeks always mess like my schedule. I just could not figure out what day of the week it was throughout this whole week. Tuesday felt like a Monday, Thursday felt like a Friday. It was all over the place. That being said, I am grateful for our local coffee shop and their sweet treat boost whenever needed.

2. I never in a million years wanted to move to Iowa. It was definitely not in my plans as a teenager, but I am so thankful that a small Christian college captured my heart and brought us here. The summers here are lovely and we are trying to soak up our last few days with community events.

3. The husband and I are adventurers at heart, we love being outdoors and exploring new places. When we found these shirts at Old Navy last year, we fought over who would buy it and then decided to each get one. Yes, I suppose it makes us that couple.

4. Our town has the best frozen yogurt shop. I think many places claim that title, but this one cannot be beat. I always go for sweet or chocolate flavors while Jacob's is decked out with fruity, bright flavors. I just love spring so much!

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