Week's End Wrap-Up

1. More and more birthday celebrations to be had! Now that we live closer to family, there are even more birthdays to celebrate in person. Yay! #lauralovesbirthdays will never die out. Also, vanilla frosting on cupcakes will always be my favorite.

2. Fresh flowers are everywhere these summer days. My mother-in-law has a beautiful garden that is prospering and I received flowers at my new job. The house was filled with fresh cuts and bright colors. I know I will look back at my Instagram feed come January and be jealous!

3. We have been taking late evening walks before bed and love the neighborhood charm. We choose out our favorite houses and dream about what ours may look like someday. The weather has been hot here in Minnesota so getting outside when it is cooler in the evening is essential.

4. On Saturday Jacob and I explored our new city and went on a date. It was much appreciated after missing our anniversary, living apart for a short period of time and experiencing a chaotic season of life (mostly chaotic because of the DMV thank you very much). I cannot wait for more adventures with the husband!

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I took last week off from blogging, but I am back!
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