Week's End Wrap-Up

1. I am teaching a two part blogging class this June. I would have never imagined my blog turning into what it is today when I first started it four years ago. It is an honor to pass on what I have learned throughout the years and continue to stretch myself. If you were to take a community blog class, what would you be interested in learning?

2. This is the most beautiful building in all the land and I get to work in it! I was pretty spoiled to work in such an awesome building for my first real job. No matter what the season, Zwemer Hall is striking and I will miss working in a place with so much character.

3. Let's talk about this group of people for a minute. These are our people. The ones who have walked beside us for the past five years. The ones who come over for dinner, play Ticket to Ride together, and some of whom work together. This group is unmatched and we will miss every one of them when we move. And because several of them have been waiting for their big debut on my blog, hey guys!

4. We spent our first weekend in the Twin Cities and had a blast. It is awesome how many free and community-based activities are available. We went to Summit Brewery's food truck fair and ate the most delicious lunches. Friends and food make the best combination!

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How was your week?
How can I be thinking or praying for you?