Five Benefits of Indoor Plants

When Jake was in college, he gave a speech for public speaking class about the benefits of indoor plants. At the time he could care less and simply needed a speech topic to share with the class. Little did he know his future wife would be the keeper of all indoor plants. It is one of my favorite stories now.

My love for all things green has blossomed this year especially plants that liven up indoor spaces. After sharing this photo on Instagram, it seemed appropriate to spread awareness for the benefit of having indoor plants. I am an advocate for fresh and simple living spaces and I truly believe that indoor plants can provide that sense of peace. And if that is not convincing enough, enjoy these benefits of indoor plants.

Fresh Air
Studies upon studies show that indoor plants help purify and cleanse the air. The plant leaves and roots help remove small levels of toxic vapor in the air and increase oxygen levels. With indoor plants, you will breathe easier and inhale cleaner air. They also do wonders in the winter to freshen up dry and static air.

Bringing the outdoors in is beneficial to my concentration and focus. When blogging, reading, or studying I find myself constantly distracted by looking out the window at nature. I find myself concentrating better on the task at hand with my little desk plant in front of me. Nature spurs on my creativity and being surrounded by it, even indoors, is a plus. 

Healing Power
One of my favorite indoor plants is my little aloe. It was just a baby when I bought it and has nearly doubled in size. Many plants provide healing ingredients used in common over-the-counter ointments. As you likely guessed by the name, aloe's juicy inside makes Aloe Vera commonly used for sunscreen. Instead of picking some up at the store when I get a sunburn, I simply tear a piece off my plant and apply it to the red area. 

Mood Booster
Unless keeping plants alive is stressful to you, I think most would agree that indoor plants boost your mood. I often joke that they are my little kids, but I truly enjoy caring for them and coming home to a fresh space. It is very rewarding to see the progress of something growing from a teeny, tiny seed into a beautiful and lush plant. Not to mention, you are responsible for the growth and health!

Aesthetic Appeal
And last, but certainly not least, the aesthetic appeal is unmatched. We live in a smaller apartment that can sometimes feel stuffy and dark. Now that my plants all have homes and decorate our space, it feels brighter and fresh. The great part about indoor plants is that you can choose how many, what kind, and where you want them to go. Make it your own and play around with the aesthetic appeal of indoor plants in your home.

What types of indoor plants do you have?
What benefits have you found in owning indoor plants?

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