Healthy Lunch Ideas

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Lunch in the Gilleland house has always been the neglected meal. We strive to eat healthy and balanced meals, but our lunch hours are hectic with only a short amount of time to eat. Too often this results in grabbing something with minimal nutrition or skipping lunch altogether.  After coming home crabby and unproductive, it was time to make a change. We have adopted quick and easy ways to eat wholesome, natural foods, even on the go, instead of grabbing fast food or junk food.

The key to successful lunches is creating quick and easy solutions that do not take long to prepare and are hassle-free to eat. That is when Hillshire Farm Naturals from Tom Thumb came into our lunch routine. This lunch meat not only tastes great and creates versatile lunch options, but is also super value. I created three simple recipes that can be used for on-the-go, healthy lunches.

Veggie Packed Sandwich
Nothing brings me back to elementary school like a lunch meat sandwich. Elementary school Laura, however, would have never pack her sandwich with veggies. For this lunch option, I piled Hillshire Farm Honey Baked Ham, guacamole, kale, spinach, lettuce and green peppers in between whole grain bread. Sandwiches provide a simple option for lunch requiring no heat up time or silverware. Win, win!

Cracker Stacks
These bite-sized cracker stacks are the epitome of grab and go. To make this easy lunch option, layer a piece of spinach, Hillshire Farm Black Forest Ham and creamy swiss cheese on top of a whole wheat cracker. These stacks are quick enough that I leave the ingredients at work and make them up during the lunch hour, resulting in less prep at home.

Lunch Roll Up
Lunch roll ups are an easy alternative to lunch meat sandwiches. For this roll up, I spread hummus on a soft tortilla shell, sprinkled shredded cheese on top, added Hillshire Farm Honey Baked Ham, and loaded the top with greens. After a quick roll maneuver of the tortilla, this lunch option is ready to grab and go for your busy schedule!

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