Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. How cute are my little plants? I am a huge advocate for indoor plants even in the spring and summer. These guys are right at home by their large window. They are in need of names, so send your best ideas my way for a chance to own naming rights.

2. We are on the hunt for a favorite coffee shop in our neighborhood. So far nothing can replace The Old Factory in our old town. This little place was adorable, but the internet was a no go making it perfect for a coffee date and not so much for a blogging marathon.

3. My maid of honor, Hannah, came to town on Saturday! It was so fun to show her around town, adventure together and catch up. We only live an hour apart now so day trips are much more doable. The weather was perfect for lunch on the patio of Annie's.

4. And of course we had to take a photo together. Have you heard of the hashtag #friendsandwalls? It cracks me up. I love when hashtags are created for the most obvious Instagram trends. 

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