Encountering Truth

Pope Francis is on the favorite list of many these days, especially young Christian adults seeking social justice and equality in the world. He is transforming the face of Catholicism and the way Christians of all denominational backgrounds come together over core values and truths. I picked up the book Encountering Truth after seeing the pope receive such high praise in the media and on the news. I heard the buzz around the social media world, but wanted to experience his words and perspective for myself. 

This book is a collection of his morning homilies shared every day from St. Martha's Chapel. Each homily is presented by Pope Francis, without notes or careful preparation, to a diverse audience made up of common people. I love imagining people coming and going while hearing pieces of wisdom and truth to carry throughout their day. The book was a devotional style read for me, with each homily only being a few pages. I loved starting my morning off reflecting on the Word and a wise interpretation from a different perspective than I commonly hear.

One of the reasons I feel this world is so divided and broken is because we do not give one another the time and day to listen to opinions and beliefs that differ from our own. It is truly a stroke of innovation and transformation that Pope Francis has crossed barriers of loving and caring for all people around the world. This book was a snapshot into his thought process and a dwelling place for my devotions. I strongly recommend it if you are looking for a new read!

What are you currently reading? Do you have any book suggestions?
I received this book through Blogging for Books. All thoughts, photos and reviews are my own.

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