Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. Rhubarb the size of my head, oh my! Our apartment complex has community gardens and the rhubarb was ripe for the picking this week. I have all the plans to make delicious muffins, tarts, breads and cobblers. Yummy! Fresh is best.

2. Our RA friend group had a mini-reunion this weekend over brunch. It is a blast to be in a common city where friends live or pass through on a regular basis. If you are a Minnesota dweller, the Colossal Cafe should be on your must visit list. Their breakfast was top notch for a cute little place.

3. As I confessed on Instagram, it takes great self-control for me to not pick the neighborhood flowers while on bike rides or walks. That probably makes me sound like a terrible person, but I love fresh cut flowers and especially enjoy them when picked from a garden. Maybe one day I will have my own! For now I will admire from a far.

4. With the amount of snail mail I send, I go through quite a bit of stamps. I love going to the post office to pick up more and choose from all the new ones. Aren't these harvest stamps darling? They are perfect for satisfying my love for gardening and mail. 

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