Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. Photography is a hobby that has slowly grown on me over the years. It is still hard for me to consider myself a photographer, but I love learning and growing through capturing everyday moments. I bring my camera with me almost everywhere for inspiration and to challenge myself.

2. Our city is filled with little gems around every corner. This charming pineapple was discovered on a walk around the block last week. And of course, my Chacos are worn all day, every day.

3. It is hard to not allow my Instagram feed to become inundated with Minnesota photos. Seriously though, everywhere you look there is a beautiful view to share in the summer. It truly is unique that we can adventure in so many different settings right in our own backyard.

4. We went camping this weekend and had a blast! There is something so refreshing about no cell phone service, not checking emails and simply being present with loved ones and the outdoors. Our legs and backs are sore from hiking many miles and sleeping on the hard ground, but all in all it was a wonderful trips. Be on the lookout for more photos to come!

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