Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. I am obsessed with this salsa recipe. I made it for guests this week and shared the recipe on Instagram. You seemed to fall for it too. All you need to do is throw together a chopped red bell pepper, corn, black beans, a chopped red onion, fresh lime juice, fresh cilantro, a touch of cumin, Tabasco sauce and vegetable oil. You can customize how much of each you want based on your taste palette preferences. Absolute yum!

2. My work team had a day out on the lake this past week and we had a blast! I have been so blessed at Bethel especially from my new coworkers. It was a joy to spend time with them outside of the office and enjoy the beautiful summer.

3. I forgot how bad I am at mini-golf this weekend. Kippen, Britta and I chose the hottest, most humid day of the summer to play 18 holes of mini-golf. Kippen had two hole in ones, but it was by and large embarrassing how far we were over par for most of the holes.

4. Our summer has been non-stop crazy, fun and busy. This weekend was the first that we did not have solidified plans for the majority of it. We had time to check things off our to do list (like buy a car!) and put our home together more. I truly appreciate slow, quiet moments among busy seasons of life.

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