Week's End Wrap-Up

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1. This week we celebrated our dear friends from LaLunette Jewelry at a local meet the makers event. It is a joy to be in a city where so many of our friends are doing stand-up things and deserve to be celebrated from time to time. And these cupcakes were hands down, the best.

2. It is hard for me to grasp, but fall is on the way. The weather in Minnesota has been very unusual for August and has hints of autumn in the cool breeze. Fall is the most beautiful season in Minnesota, but I am so not ready to say goodbye to warm summer days and a slower pace of life.

3. This is my husband and we like to kiss! We found this wall while exploring Minneapolis with one of our friends last week. Have you caught the drift that we really love where we live? One of our best friends is coming to visit from Colorado for Labor Day weekend. We plan to show her everything awesome and convince her this is where she needs to live!

4. I am becoming a regular at Spyhouse Coffee. Their iced jasmine lemonade tea is my favorite and I just found a new comfy spot that I intend to occupy every time from here on out. There may be a reason discipline is one of my top strengths. 

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